Dylan, McLean, Waits, Nelson, Prine, and Taylor

9/15 at Traders, 6pm. A special tribute show dedicated to the music of six great singer-songwriters: Bob Dylan, Don McLean, Tom Waits, Willie Nelson, John Prine, and James Taylor. You are invited: Saturday September 15, Milwaukee Street Traders, Delafield, 6pm. (No-cover!) Get directions, leave a comment or RSVP on the Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/129757610499205/

Musicians Wanted

Lead guitar, bass, percussion, fiddle, squeezebox, mandolin


Lead Guitar – Acoustic or hollow body electric – both would be great.  You are the real deal.  Will be heavily featured.  You love the old songs and are able to nail the classic pop/folk/jazz hybrid I’m looking for (see below).

Bass – Prefer stand-up if possible. You are down with the classic pop/folk/jazz idea (see below).

Percussion – Looking for a creative player with a trunk-load of interesting percussion instruments.  I don’t necessarily need a full kit.  (Big bonus points if you also play harmonica, or recorder, or…?)

Fiddle, Squeezebox and/or Mandolin – Should be equally at home with jazz and folk (alt country, bluegrass, cowboy swing, etc).

STYLE – The songs come from varied genres, but there is a defining style I’m after: When playing a jazz tune, to maintain a folk/acoustic sensibility and the “freshness” of pop. Similarly, when playing a song from the pop or folk genres, I’m looking for players to provide a sweet jazz flavor, i.e. alternate chords, rhythms and bass lines, improvised solos, etc. This is not a “cover” band – I want players’ unique creativity to shine. Also: I do not work for free and don’t expect you to either. If you’re good, you’re probably busy. So, depending on your availability (and on the venue), gigs can be booked as duo, trio, quartet, etc.