After a long break, I’m doing a couple of summer shows, including The Wisconsin State Fair. Will be available for gigs in Fall 2021. 

2 thoughts on “Now booking for Fall 2021

  1. Hello Peter…we enjoyed your show at the State Fair….we sang along with you and others in the venue you were at…it is a good idea to have those booklets for people to sing along with you… you may have noticed that there was a $2.00 bill in your case….that was from me…I wanted to get a new schedule on your site and was not having to good of luck….it seems to reflect last year…do you still play at “The Bay” in Whitefish Bay on the 3rd Friday of every month???? I would love to come and see you again….if you have time; could you let me know???? they have some kind of Beatlefest in Spring Green, Wisc at the General store on Labor Day for the last 7 years…maybe you could check it out….there are probably 10 or so groups that play and they each play 5 songs annd there is a short break and then the next group comes up and they play about 5 songs and the the next group and so on till maybe 6:00 p.m……this starts at 11;00 a.m…. thanks again for the nice show and hope to see you soon….Mike

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